Friday, September 3, 2010

September's Here...

September's here!  This summer definitely flew by way too quickly.  Today, the kids and I cleaned up their bedrooms and my office... putting away our summer "messes"... getting ready for a new school year.  The arrival of September always gives me the feeling of new beginnings... and this is a quote from one of the readings this morning on my blog roll:
Sometimes the new life unfurling within us, the unexpected embryonic gift God’s placed within, asks us to be brave, to let God change the shape of us, to be courageous and let Him fill all of our skin and not shrink back because He’s so big.
With this particular September comes new beginnings in ministry... new definitions of how our family is to serve God... how we are to express God's love to others... may He give us courage to not shrink back!

Here I am.  Lord, send me!

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