Saturday, July 10, 2021

Thank you for visiting!

Hello there, friend!

Thank you for visiting this little writing space of mine. These days, I'm not actively blogging on here anymore. Instead, I am writing shorter thoughts and reflections over on Instagram. I hope to see you over there!

However, please do feel free to look around and read my words. They are from a while back, but I do hope they still bring inspiration. My apologies for broken links that you may encounter. I did a bit of cleanup work recently, but may have missed removing or updating some broken links!

I started this blog in July 2007 and have written extensively on here about my faith, my family and my favourite things! I hope you enjoy your visit. You can learn more about me by visiting the "About Me" page.

And, please do come by and say HELLO on Instagram! I would LOVE to see you there!