Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Way To Give...

I love the blog A Holy Experience. This morning's post was food for my soul... here's a quote from it:
The best gifts to give are always heartmade.  The ones grown in your heart and nurtured with your days, your dreams, your life --- then offered as an expression of all the love you feel inside.
I love it... isn't that quote just so true?  As God seems to be leading our family into a new expression of how we serve Him this Fall, this morning's read seems very appropriate.  Once again, I am thankful that my Heavenly Father never fails to make sure I know He remembers I'm here... by sending small reminders and encouragements each day as our family looks forward to His plan unfolding for us.
Luke 11:41 (The Message) --- "Turn both your pockets and your hearts inside out and give generously to the poor; then your lives will be clean..."
Much food for thought!  Here I am.  Lord, send me.

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