Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Great Blog Post from Guatemala City

Happy Friday, everyone!  This morning, in my blog roll, was yet another great blog post by Ann Voskamp.  She is in Guatemala City right now with a team of Compassion Bloggers.  It is, again, a must-read!  Today she writes...
Because whether consciously or not, intentionally or not --- faith is always responding. Either with indifference or with intercession, either with apathy or aid.
Once we have seen, we are responsible --- we will make a response.
One way or the other.
Maybe we don't need to know the names of the men, women, children, fastened to the edge of the world. Maybe we only have to look in our own mirrors and ask of the faces there, ask of the way we invest our money, ask of how we live and spend and steer our lives:
"Is this about Jesus' name?"
Or the comfort and ease and furtherance of mine?
Great words on which to ponder... especially in this place of abundance which we call home.  We are blessed beyond measure... I am blessed beyond measure.  How is my faith responding?  What is the way that I invest my money... how do I live and spend and steer my life?  How about you?

Here I am.  Lord, send me!    

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