Monday, November 29, 2010

Everyday Graces...

I love the song A Place Called Grace by Phillips, Craig and Dean.  If you haven't heard it before you can have a listen to it on my Playlist on the sidebar of this blog. Here are the words...
So many years I heard it told
The story of compassion
A prodigal son who left the fold
And found no satisfaction
On my knees, Lord, I cried out to You
I'm so alone
But if there's room in Your house for one more
I'm ready to come back home

I know there is a place
Where arms of compassion welcome me home
Sweet mercy falls like rain
I know there's a place called grace

So many days I've trusted grace
Yet I have to wonder
How many times my human strength
Has kept me from surrender
The more I learn just to lean on the cross
The more I see
When I fall, I will fall to the place
Where mercy reaches me

If it seems that my courage is strong
There's just one reason
He's my rock when my faith is all gone
He holds me in His arms
Gives me strength to carry on
Long chat with a good friend about the mysteries of God and life...

A self-imposed day off.  I went Christmas shopping! :-)

Planning Christmas parties and get-togethers!

God is gradually healing my heart... it's a wonderful feeling.

♪♫ As morning dawns and evening fades... YOU inspire songs of praise... That rise from earth to touch YOUR heart and glorify Your Name! ♫♪  I am loving this song!

Val and Katia won Battle of the Blades!  So glad I stayed up until 1am to vote!!! So cool... $50,000 goes to Compassion Canada because of Val Bure!!! It is going to fund Compassion's Child Survival Program in the Dominican Republic.

Getting "re-acquainted" with Candace Cameron (Bure) from watching her husband Val skate on Battle of the Blades... so thankful for her witness for Jesus!  I used to watch her on TV as Full House's D.J. Tanner.

Bittersweet news from Compassion Canada about our Compassion daughter, Annu.

For our new Compassion daughter, Florianlyn, who is from the Philippines --- the country where I grew up!  Just maybe... we'll get to meet her in person one day.  So exciting!

Delivering food to a friend who is sick and on dialysis... tough situation... God's grace so evident.

Sharing a bowl of Korean Gamjatang (spicy pork and potato stew) and chatting with a good friend.

My cozy fleece robe on a chilly November morning.

Girls' night out with my amazing daughter --- shopping!

Fun night at an NBA game for my hubby and my boy --- amazing seats won at the United Way raffle at my workplace.

Grad trip information night at the school.  What?!?  My baby girl is going on a Grade 8 grad trip already???

Writing our family's Christmas letter... looking back at 2010... thankful for God's goodness!

Cirque Du Soleil's Dralion... amazing show!  Wonderful family time.

Onion rings! :-)

Waking up to a snowfall on a Saturday.

Learning the game of back gammon... my boy taught me!

Being able to see a chiropractor on short notice... to help me with some pain in my upper arm.

'Til next week, my friends... I hope you find rest in that place called grace!

Here I am.  Lord, send me!

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