Wednesday, November 3, 2010

High School

Am I ready for this?  For high school?  Reality sunk in for me today.  My daughter's class visited the local high school today.  Wow!  My baby girl will be a high school student VERY soon!  Where exactly did the time go?!?  Would time please slow down for me?!?

High school.  Outside the safety of our immediate neighbourhood.  Public transit.  Walking a fair distance home.  Growing up.

Deep breath.  Me... must learn to let go.  It's almost time for my baby girl to spread her wings... to fly... to soar!  Wasn't she just born yesterday?  How is it that she's now, seemingly in just a blink of an eye, a young lady... all grown up?!?  Sniff... sniff...

As I drove up to the high school this afternoon and saw my daughter standing by the front doors... I knew that time wouldn't slow down for me.  But I also realized one thing... no, two things --- that she'll do great at high school and that my mommy heart will be alright!  All because my baby girl is known to all as "God's Gal!"  :-)

My prayer for her is that she will ask this of God...  Here I am.  Lord, send me!

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