Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bye Annu, Hello Florianlyn!

Yesterday, we got some good news and some bad news from Compassion Canada.

The good news... our Compassion daughter, Annu, and her family have moved away from their village because of a better job opportunity elsewhere.  This is definitely a good thing for the family.

The bad news... there is no Compassion Program in the area where they moved to.  This means that our sponsorship of Annu will have to be terminated and we can no longer be in contact with her.  This is definitely a sad thing for our family.

My daughter writes about this bittersweet feeling on her blog.

Our family will definitely miss writing to and hearing from Annu!  We were just starting to get to know her better...

Compassion tells us that Annu was in good health when her family left the village and that she has heard the Gospel during her time with the Compassion Program.  That bit of information was good to hear!

So... what now?  

Well, we got a new Compassion daughter!  Meet Florianlyn... she is 8 years old and she lives in the Philippines!!!  Our family is very excited as both hubby and I grew up in the Philippines.  We definitely plan to take our kids there for a visit in the very near future... and, just maybe, we can arrange with the folks at Compassion to visit Florianlyn and her family!  That would be just awesome!!!

In Compassion-related news, Val Bure and Katia Gordeeva won Battle of the Blades!  Hubby and I stayed up until 1am this past Sunday night to vote for them... I guess it was all worth it, wasn't it? ;-)  

Because of the win, Compassion Canada (Val Bure's charity of choice) will be getting $50,000!!!  Isn't that sooooo cool?  Compassion has since announced that the money will go towards funding their Child Survival Program in the Dominican Republic.  Now, that's what life is all about!!!

Would you like to sponsor a Compassion child too?  If so, click on the Compassion banner on the sidebar of this blog!  Better yet, click over to this website and see how you compare to the Joneses... you just might be surprised by what you find out! ;-)   

Here I am.  Lord, send me.

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  1. Thanks for linking up with (in)courage... that's how I found you today. Thank you for sharing your experience with Compassion. Praise God that you are making an impact on this child.

    Jenn in VA by way of ON :)