Friday, January 1, 2010

Meet Annu

This is Annu. She is 8 years old and she lives in India. She is the newest member of our family --- our 'daughter' from Compassion Canada. We started sponsoring her today and we are very excitedly awaiting an information package arriving in 10 days' time that will tell us more about her!

The decision to sponsor a child started with my daughter --- who told us that all she wants for Christmas is to be able to sponsor a 'little sister' through Compassion Canada. One by one, each of us warmed up to the idea --- and this morning, we sat in our living room, all eyes fixed on the screen of hubby's laptop and we chose Annu!

We are praying for opportunities to impact Annu's life with more than just our monthly sponsorship. My kids are very eager to start writing letters to her... maybe one day we just might be able to meet her! That would just be awesome!!!

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