Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Great Talk, A New Song

The talk at church today was entitled Exiled...But Not Stranded. I was truly encouraged by it.  As our family waits on the Lord in this season of finding a new church to call home, at times I feel like we're exiles.  But we've been learning through this experience that we are not stranded.  Far from it!  God has been gracious in giving us abundant opportunities to be His hands and His feet.  I am amazed.  Humbled.  Beauty from ashes...
Also, a song has been sung at church these past few weeks... and, I'm loving it!  It is simply called Your Name. Here is a video of it and the lyrics are posted below.  Happy Sunday, everyone!

Please pause the Playlist on the sidebar of this blog as you watch this video. 

Your Name by Paul Baloche

As morning dawns and evening fades
You inspire songs of praise
That rise from earth to touch Your heart
And glorify Your Name

Your Name is a strong and mighty tower
Your Name is a shelter like no other
Your Name --- let the nations sing it louder
'Cause nothing has the power to save
But Your Name

Jesus, in Your Name we pray
Come and fill our hearts today
Lord, give us strength to live for You
And glorify Your Name

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