Sunday, January 17, 2010


The disaster in Haiti... there are just no words! My heart is breaking... my tears are falling... but, I know that my God is a God of hope and good will come out of this terrible catastrophe.

In the meantime, Haiti needs our help! Hubby and I (and our kids!) have chosen to give hope and send help by donating through Samaritan's Purse. To read more about what they are doing on the ground right now in Haiti, please click here or watch the follwoing video: (Please pause the Playlist on the sidebar while you watch the video.)

Please pray fervently and give generously!!!

I must also add that I am one proud mama today! Last night, hubby and I talked to our kids about the great need to donate financially towards disaster relief in Haiti. This morning, my son told me that he prayed before bed and asked God to help him decide how much of his money to give... well, he has decided to give "all the money in his piggy bank!"

I know this wasn't an easy decision for my son as he has been saving up for one of the new 2010 Stars Wars LEGO sets... it definitely took sacrifice because just these past few weeks he's finally saved enough money to buy one. In fact, just a few days ago when we were at the store, he pointed out to me the set that he is eyeing!

My daughter has also arrived at the same decision. Now you see why my heart is smiling... and I know that God is smiling too! I praise God for His work in both my children's hearts and for allowing us to seize teachable moments like this one... one lesson at a time!

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