Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sheep or Goats?

Happy Thursday, everyone! This week, I am reflecting on the verses from Matthew 25:31-46. My conclusion is an easy one to come to! I want to be one of the sheep, not one of the goats! How about you?

My daughter attended an all-day training at church this past weekend. This is for the week-long compassion trip {our church's terminology for a mission trip, I actually quite like it!} that she will be doing with 17 other Grade 7/8 kids from the church's youth group this Summer. They are not going far... just to a nearby town called Oakville... to Kerr Street Ministries, to serve at a summer day camp for children living below the poverty line.

When you mention Oakville to people here, they immediately think "one of the richest towns in Canada" and it's true! However, there is a 'ghetto' in Oakville and it is the community that surrounds Kerr Street Ministries. Here are some thoughts from my girl after Saturday's training session:
I'll be on a compassion trip with my youth group for a week to work at a camp for low-income kids in our city. Super exciting. I was at training yesterday, and the 18 of us are gonna conquer the world!!! :P LOL. We're pretty sweet. ;) We were chatting with the camp co-ordinator, and she told some pretty touching stories, such as a girl who brought a single peach to camp for lunch, or an 8-year-old boy who makes his own lunch and comes to camp himself because his mom is either working her second or third job or sleeping. These kids are in crazy situations that no kid should be in at any age, let alone eight. Please pray for these kids, the team and the camp. Thanks! :)
She told me that the verses from Matthew 25:31-46 were part of their training session. This is why I am reflecting on these verses this week... it is also an awesome preface for this coming Sunday when I am to share at church about our family's involvement in local/global compassion initiatives.

I am humbled by this opportunity to tell our story... a little nervous... in prayerful self-examination... desiring for God to increase and me to decrease. Will you pray with me? So thankful for each of you!

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Unwrapping more of His love in this world.
Act justly.  Love mercy.  Walk humbly with God!

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