Thursday, February 11, 2010

Isaiah 6:8

The verse from Isaiah 6:8 stirred me quite often throughout 2009. It still does! Because of that, hubby and I chose it to put up in our upstairs hallway (see photo) after we repainted the walls in that area of our home.

It has become our family's verse for 2010. It is the verse that we would like to live out each day... it says:
"Here I am. Lord, send me!"
Since putting up this verse on our wall... God has opened our eyes to quite a few situations where we have had to live this verse out. He has a funny way of making that happen, don't you think? I've already blogged about a few of these stories --- here, here, here and here!

This morning while skimming through my News Feed page on Facebook, a video caught my eye. It's a 10-minute video and my first instinct was: "I don't have time to watch it." --- now, I'm sure glad I took the time! It is an awesome, thought-provoking video... ending with none other than: "Here I am. Lord, send me!" :-)

Here it is: (please pause Playlist on sidebar while you watch)

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