Friday, February 26, 2010

Flat Stanley's Canadian Adventures - Post #1

We have a guest in our home who arrived from Merritt Island, Florida yesterday. His name is Flat Stanley. He will be staying with us for a week or so... going places we go and doing things we do! It will be a lot of FUN!!!

We hope you will follow Flat Stanley's Canadian Adventures here on my blog. By the way, Flat Stanley is visiting us because a little girl named Faith has chosen us to be a very special part of her school project. The project is based on the book 'Flat Stanley' by Jeff Brown.

So, here are some pictures of Flat Stanley's first day in Canada:

As soon as Flat Stanley arrived, he was welcomed with a Canadian flag which he will bring back to Merritt Island with him. Flat Stanley is visiting us during a very exciting time in Canada --- the Winter Olympics are being hosted here!

Here are Flat Stanley's new Canadian friends --- Alyssa and Jon. They are both dressed in Canadian Olympic apparel... eagerly waiting to cheer on the Canadian Women's Hockey team who was playing for the GOLD medal later that night. They played against Team USA so it was a very exciting game to watch!!!

Flat Stanley decided that he would like to try and model some Canadian Olympic wear. Unfortunately, everything was just a tad bit too BIG for him!

Before the big game started, we had to eat dinner first. Flat Stanley helped to prepare some curly fries and chicken wings. As you can see out the back door, it is very COLD and SNOWY right now. It is around -9C (which is about 15F).

He also helped to set the table. As you can see, dinner is ready --- chicken wings, curly fries and baked salmon/asparagus in phyllo!

The game is starting very soon --- Flat Stanley gets comfortable!

He shares the couch with Alyssa!

It was a great game! Team USA got the Silver Medal and Team Canada won GOLD!!! What a way to welcome our American guest! :-)

Here is Flat Stanley standing for the Canadian National Anthem --- "O Canada! Our home and native land... the True North, strong and free... God keep our land, glorious and free!"

Stay tuned for more of Flat Stanley's Canadian Adventures...


  1. It looks like Flat Stanley is having a blast. I have to admit that I'm a little jealous. I wish I was getting to do all the things that he is doing.

    We can't wait to hear about the rest of his adventures.

  2. I'm Steve's sister in South Dakota. It looks like Flat Stanley had a wonderful visit, and what better time than to be there to sing "Oh, Canada!" after a great game. Thank you for showing us your day in photos. :-)