Saturday, February 27, 2010

Flat Stanley's Canadian Adventures - Post #2

On Friday, Jon stayed home from school as his tummy wasn't feeling too great. He spent some time with Flat Stanley and this is what they did:

Jon decided to work on a LEGO Mindstorm project. Here they are starting to look at the building instructions on Jon's computer.

The finished project --- a machine that can sort different coloured balls all on its own.

We also baked some chocolate cupcakes to bring to church on Sunday.

Cupcakes are all done --- yummy!!!

We had a snowstorm on Friday. Here is Alyssa with Flat Stanley posing by our front step.

That evening, we took Flat Stanley to the mall because Jon needed to buy a book for his Home Reading Activity.

We introduced Flat Stanley to Robert Munsch's books. He is a renowned Canadian children's author. This is one of our favourite books by him --- Love You Forever. Flat Stanley will be bringing home a Robert Munsch book to share with Faith and her friends.

We thought that we should look for some Flat Stanley books in case Flat Stanley was getting a little bit homesick. :-)

Then, we had dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, East Side Mario's.

Here is Alyssa and Flat Stanley right outside East Side Mario's.

Finally, we went to Zellers to do some grocery shopping. Flat Stanley got to sit comfortably in the shopping cart.

Stay tuned for more of Flat Stanley's Canadian Adventures...

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