Monday, July 30, 2007

Evan Almighty

We took the children to see the movie Evan Almighty last Friday. It was really funny! Hilarious! I must say that hubby and I enjoyed the movie as much as the children did. I am grateful for Focus on the Family's website where we can read movie reviews with a Christian perspective to help us make the decision whether to bring the children to a particular movie or not.

Throughout the movie, the same thoughts that came to mind while we were at the Creation Museum flooded my heart. What would my response be if God were to ask me to do something totally outrageous and out-of-this-world weird for Him?!? What if?!? I truly don't know what my response would be. Truly something to ponder about!

This past Sunday at church, there was an update from a missionary couple about their work in Nigeria. They showed a video of polio victims getting wheelchairs that they can pedal with their hands. These wheelchairs enable them to be mobile, not crawl with their hands on the dirt ground, and enable them to live a more normal life.

Because it's the summer months, the children sit with us in the worship service for a little while before the children's programme starts for them so they were able to see this particular video presentation --- I'm so glad they did! Last year, when our church raised funds for this wheelchair project, my kids decided that they would each give up 8 weeks worth of allowance to give towards this project. It's great for my kids to see the result of their giving. I think seeing the video made the act of giving become more real to them than just merely giving up their allowance money for a good cause!

Well, I better end here --- it's Monday today and I should get to work. I can't believe that the summer is almost half over. It's definitely zooming by fast for us this year.

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  1. PTL for the Weibe family and their passion for using God's resources to transform the lives of so many.

    I hope you will keep writing and sharing. Be outrageous for God that is what He is looking for.

    Get comfortable with being uncomfortable is a phrase I coined. When the Holy Spirit asks you to step out in faith and it feels uncomfortable then just go for it PTL.....

    I look forward to experiencing your faith through the eyes of a mother and a wife, each of us has a wonderful perspective to bring on our faith!