Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Lesson from the Tamagotchi Toy

A teachable moment ... I caught one today!

My son has one of those Tamagotchi toys. He was playing with it this morning. He proceeds to tell me that the Tamagotchi king has not sent robbers to take 'money' from his Tamagotchi in a while, because he's made sure that his Tamagotchi donates money to the king regularly.

My son describes the Tamagotchi king in one word: crummy.

We've been teaching our children the concept of tithing this past year with the aid of a 'giving piggy bank' and their allowance money. So ... I asked my son why (in the real world, as opposed to the Tamagotchi world) do we give money to the church.

We talked about God being the giver of all that we have, that God owns all in the first place, that's why we practice giving back to Him. We talked about giving back to God as a form of worship. We talked about giving not only our money, but also our time and our talents. We talked about how awesome it is to have a part in moving God's work forward in this world through our giving.

We also talked about how we are grateful that God is not like the Tamagotchi king ---crummy. God doesn't send robbers to rob us when we fail to give our best. When we do not give our best and our all, God still loves us.

I got thinking --- if God is like the Tamagotchi king, we would all be in serious trouble! We serve an awesome God. Giving back to Him should be the most natural thing for us to be doing. This is certainly something for me to ponder upon today --- am I giving my best and my all back to God or am I using my God-given time and resources for personal gain and purposes?

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  1. Great lesson and a great way to present it. Let us take the next step in tithing and begin to tithe our time to those in need.

    James 2:17 reminds us we need to get back to a tithe of our time for those who need an outward touch for Jesus Christ!

    Keep on blogging, does this mean I have lost a fan?