Thursday, July 12, 2007

Awesome God...

The universe is vast beyond the stars;
Yet You are mindful when the sparrow falls.
And mindful of the anxious thoughts ---
That find me, surround me and bind me.

That verse from Fernando Ortega's song 'Jesus, King of Angels' kept ringing in my head as we walked through the Creation Museum. Wow...our God is awesome. This museum has reinforced in me just how great and how BIG our God is. Yet He, the one that put the whole universe in place, is mindful of each one of us and cares about where we will spend eternity.

I would highly recommend this place to people who have children! Actually, to anyone --- as it was an equally wonderful experience for us big people as well. It was definitely worth the long drive! One thing I can definitely say is that Americans are a lot more outwardly passionate about the Christian faith than we Canadians are. I think Canadians have settled into a mode of universally respecting everyone's beliefs and we are timid about boldly sharing and standing up for what we believe in as Christians. Along the Interstates here, as we drive, there are billboards proclaiming God's truth; there are huge white crosses built by the side of the highway. Do we ever see those in Canadian cities? No! We, Canadian Christians, definitely need to be doing more to be the 'salt and light' in this dark world. It can start with each one of us right in our own little communities.

Okay, back to our museum experience now ... it felt good to get that off my chest!

It was indeed great for our children to be able to see just how awesome, powerful and great God is. It is definitely different for them to read the stories in the Bible than to see them unfold and come alive in a museum of this scale. Now those stories are forever etched in their minds in 'technicolour'. We are especially glad that we were able to bring our daughter here before she learns about the concept of evolution at school. Now, she is armed with the TRUTH and will not be swayed by what the secular world might teach her in the near future.

We are now in the outskirts of Chattanooga, Tennessee and will spend the next few days here visiting family before heading back home. We are hoping to be able to experience more of God's majestic creation here as we visit the Tennessee Aquarium, Lookout Mountain, Ruby Falls and Rock City! Can't wait ... it is my hope that by constantly exposing my children to God's greatness, it will become a natural thing for them to want to showcase their faith outwardly with much passion as they grow older.

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