Monday, July 18, 2011

Remembering and Counting

"Bless, and be blessed - no other way to say it." Those are my girl's words as she completed one week of serving at a Day Camp for children who come from low-income families.She served alongside 17 other Junior High students from her youth group!

I love her words. It captures what she has learned and experienced this past week... and for that I am forever grateful! (#812)

As I continue to remember and to count grace-gifts, this week my 1,000 gifts list grows by these few more...

#813 - #831
~ Connecting with the staff of Compassion Philippines regarding our visit.
~ Good dental care and insurance to cover costs.
~ Awesome training call with my Compassion Advocate Representative!
~ The privilege of advocating for Jhon and Julius! {Will you answer the call?}
~ Weeding my garden. :-)
~ Dinner with my sisters.
~ My new God in the Moment desk calendar!
~ Paying bills...God's generous provision.
~ Purging closets... donating clothing!
~ Smooth-sailing work week.
~ BBQ dinner with church family.
~ BBQ dinner with hubby's family.
~ Almost done packing for our Philippine trip!!!
~ Chatting with my girl over lunch at Subway.
~ Babysitting my little niece and little nephew.
~ Air-conditioning!

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Unwrapping more of His love in this world.
Act justly.  Love mercy.  Walk humbly with God!


  1. Lovely list of blessing ...made me think of somethings I overlook! Thank you!! I love the song playing on this blog.

  2. Yes, I love this list and I love what your daughter said!