Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finally In Masbate

We are finally in Masbate, Philippines!

We are so very excited for tomorrow because it is the day we get to meet our Compassion sponsor child! We are also going to be meeting Jhon and Julius. We are thrilled beyond belief to be able to tell these two precious boys in person that they have been sponsored. Their sponsors even sent presents with us for them!

Tomorrow's going to be a great day.
I just know it!
God truly *is* in the details!

This journey that has brought our family to Masbate has truly been one that has taken us out of our comfort zone! It has, for the first time, made me truly realize what it means to fully trust God to take care of all the details.

Two days in a row before our scheduled flight, flights to Masbate have been cancelled due to a tropical storm. We prayed. Many of our family and friends prayed with us... and God calmed the storm! On the morning of our flight, we woke up to clear skies! Not a drop of rain!

After a one-hour flight from Manila (the capital of the Philippines) to Masbate in a 56-seater propeller plane, we arrived at a teeny, tiny airport where the arrivals area is no larger than your typical North American two-car garage! I was nervous being on board a small plane like that... and God calmed my fears.

We were met by the "shuttle bus" of the resort we are staying at and drove through the only paved road in Masbate to reach our resort. For a few minutes on that drive, I was concerned for our safety... again, God calmed my fears. Upon arrival at the resort, I asked hubby about those few minutes and he told me he had peace! God is truly awesome.

The resort is more primitive than what I expected it to be. We were told that we are the only guests!!! Upon inspection of this resort's facilities, my son quickly exclaimed, "Now is the time to panic!" :-)

There is intermittent cellular and Internet connection at best, the cable TV signal cuts in and out, stray dogs roam the property, large red ants welcomed us to our room {which is an air-conditioned hut, by the way!}, and we quickly found out that large lizards will share this hut with us tonight! Ahhhhh!

At this time, my son exclaimed, "I don't only have culture shock, I also have creature shock!"

We spent the morning napping since we had to wake up at 3am to catch our flight here. After lunch, we roamed the beach. It is oh. so. beautiful! The air is very fresh and the water so blue. We collected seashells and corals along the shoreline, saw hermit crabs and little fishes! God's creation is truly magnificent.

Tomorrow will be a new day, a special one that our family will remember forever!

Until then, it is going to be an early bedtime for us since there is nothing much to do here... and we have prayed that the lizards will leave us alone! God, please answer our prayer!!!

Good night from Masbate! God is sooooo good... our family is relishing in that reality tonight.

Unwrapping more of His love in this world.
Act justly.  Love mercy.  Walk humbly with God!


  1. Eeks! Lizards in your hut! Wow! That is a fancy resort ;o). Keeping you in prayer!


  2. My oldest daughter would be in heaven with such lizards....