Monday, July 11, 2011

Summertime... Grace Abounds!

School's out and summertime is here! As I keep hunting for grace-gifts in the midst of warmth and sunshine, my 1,000 gifts list grows with each passing moment. This week, it grows with these few more...

#786 - #810
~ Having my kids home all day!
~ Lazy summer days...
~ BBQ dinners.
~ My boy's fresh haircut.
~ No more postal strike!
~ Letters from three of our Compassion children, all arriving at once!
~ Shopping and packing... excited for our family's first mission trip!
~ Refreshing rain... watering my parched garden.
~ God-given intuition... to check our flight reservations.
~ Finding out about cancelled flight early...
~ Being able to find a new airline fairly easily.
~ My cousin, the travel agent! :-)
~ The Internet... to find information fast.
~ His strength... sustaining me when I've had only 4 hours of sleep.
~ True friends...
~ Prayer partners.
~ My brother-in-law is back to work after a health scare.
~ Chirping birds serenading me outside my office window.
~ My kids' laughter.
~ Buying snacks for the children at UrbanPromise.
~ Delivering above snacks with my kids.
~ Sleeping in...
~ Finishing the Bible Study, Hope Lives, as a family!
~ Learning from Philip Yancey at church on Sunday.
~ My girl going on a mini missions trip this week.

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