Monday, February 14, 2011

Celebrate Love...

♥ All because two hearts fell in love! ♥

The photo above is taken by my hubby.  It is of tire marks, made on the fresh snow on our neighbour's driveway one morning, which created two perfect hearts!  As Valentine's Day is celebrated today... I am forever grateful for God's gift to me in my hubby!  He is the grace of my life! :-)

Engagement Photo, Valentine's Day '93
Speaking of the grace of my life, the one my soul loves... 18 years ago on Valentine's Day, we got engaged (officially)!  Let me explain... it was the date of our traditional Chinese engagement ceremony when extended family and friends officially learned of our engagement.  We had promised forever to each other long before that day... in fact, forever was promised almost 2 years prior to Valentine's Day 1993!  Today... almost 20 years later, I am forever grateful that God brought hubby and me together.  Forever is truly bliss when shared with a best friend! :-)

As love is celebrated all over the world today, I am thankful that Love was born for you and for me.  Such. Amazing. Grace!

♫♪ Jesus loves me.  This I know. ♪♫  Thankful for songs learned in childhood.  They come so naturally when my heart needs to just sing...

Seeking refuge in my Heavenly Father's love and relying on His grace on days when I realize that a sore in my heart has not quite fully healed yet.

The journey from a sore heart to wholeness is oh so slow (and sometimes bumpy)... thankful that God is holding my hand and accepting that sometimes it is with a sore heart that God grows us into the masterpieces that He's designed us to be.

For endings and beginnings... and that my God is always leading the way... and remembering that my role is to follow one step at a time.

My boy sitting on my bed in the early morning hours (early for me, that is!) waiting for and watching me wake up.

For Chapter 2 of Ann Voskamp's book One Thousand Gifts... "Eucharisteo - thanksgiving - always precedes the miracle."  

So blessed to be participating in the online book club over at Bloom (In)Courage!  So. Blessed.

For the privilege of praying for and about the hard things that my children are dealing with... and remembering that eucharisteo always precedes the miracle.

This photo...

At the FINALS game of my girl's Baskeball Tournament.  This is during the last timeout, few seconds before the final buzzer of a tied game.  The coach is relating the play to the five players on the left (my girl is #9).  Do you see what the rest of the girls are doing?  They drop to their knees, in a circle huddle, to PRAY!  They lost the game by one basket, BUT, I am soooo proud of these girls for being public with their faith, in a Canadian public school system!  They are winners in my eyes!!!

#304 - #330
~ Sunshine on a crisp, cold winter day.
~ Down vest keeping me warm.
~ Long johns and wool socks, too.
~ Productive days.
~ Time for reading and blogging... two of my favourite past-times.
~ Shadows of tree branches gently dancing on my desk.
~ Clicking "send" for those hard-to-write email notes...
~ For friendships... that withstand tough times.
~ Strength to get through a very busy week.
~ His sustaining grace on emotionally tough days.
~ For a few hard eucharisteo(s) this week...
~ Practicing thanksgiving even when my heart says no.
~ Basketball games... for winning and losing well.
~ Hard, but honest, conversations.
~ My girl's high school placement meeting.
~ Thai food lunch with my hubby.
~ My boy reading...
~ Picking up my girl's grad dress at the seamstress.
~ My girl looking like a young lady in her grad dress... 
~ Sleeping in.
~ Lazy Saturday mornings.
~ Chats with my hubby... for the perspective he gives.
~ Shoe shopping with my girl.  High heels already?!?
~ Warmer, spring-like weather... a break from the deep freeze.
~ Awesome time of worship and communion!
~ A new week starting with me turning a new corner...
~ It is {indeed} well with my soul!

Unwrapping more of His love in this world.
Act justly.  Love mercy.  Walk humbly with God!

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  1. I am here today from Ann’s

    First, the hearts – so sweet.

    Of your “gratefuls” my favorite one is ~ His sustaining grace on emotionally tough days. (because he does cup our heads and he does draw us near – and he LOVES us – amen)

    God Bless and Keep – and Happy Valentine’s Day