Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Thousand Gifts - Chapter 4

The vlog for Chapter 4 of One Thousand Gifts is now online.  Reading this chapter and turning a new corner this past weekend are truly God-gifts.  I truly, truly can not thank Him enough for His grace in my life.

Here are some of my favourite portions from this chapter --- A Sanctuary of Time:
Time is life.  And if I want the fullest life, I need to find the fullest time.

For all our frenzied running seemingly toward something, could it be that we are in fact fleeing - desperate to escape pain that pursues?

Hurry always empties the soul.

When I fully enter time's swift current, enter into the current moment with the weight of all my attention, I slow the torrent with the weight of me all here.  I can slow the torrent by being all here.  I only live the full life when I live fully in the moment.

Giving thanks for one thousand things is ultimately an invitation to slow time down with weight of full attention.

This. Is this eucharisteo the way to that elusive fullest life, the one that lives in the moment?

This is where God is.

In the present.  I AM - His very name.  I AM, so full of the weight of the present, that time's river slows to a still... and God Himself is timeless.

Here is the only place I can love Him.

Thanksgiving makes time.

The real problem of life is never a lack of time.  The real problem of life - in my life - is lack of thanksgiving.

Life at its fullest is this sensitive, detonating sphere, and it can be carried only in the hands of the unhurried and reverential - a bubble held in awe.
To live in the moment... is to see God!  It is the only way to be...

Unwrapping more of His love in this world.
Act justly.  Love mercy.  Walk humbly with God! 

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