Friday, October 15, 2010

Thinking Deeply...

I read Ann Voskamp's blog post yesterday and I haven't stopped thinking deeply...

The blog post really was just a continuation of my thoughts... I've been thinking the same thread of thoughts for weeks now... since experiencing beauty instead of ashes!

Here are questions I ask myself: How do I fight the middle ground?  What is my response because a non-response is a response just the same?  Am I losing this fight?  Will I become too comfortable living in the middle?

The world, your community... even your family — they are going to try to push you back to the middle. North America feels pretty comfortable in the middle. Balance, everyone says. I don’t know what Jesus is going to say to you... How He might direct your life now… just don’t assume He wants you to live in the middle. Be open to the possibility… Of something radically different.
Powerful words... reaching down into the depths of my soul.

I grew up in a third world country... I've seen with my own eyes what it means to have nothing.  Then my parents moved us to Canada... ranked as one of the top ten best places to live in the world!  It is in living here for the past 22 years and raising a North American family of my own that has me thinking I have become comfortable with the middle ground... 

Last night... I asked hubby what our family's response should be... how are we distributing God's wealth to those who have less... how do we make sure we don't pass down to our children a legacy of being comfortable in the middle ground.  

It was an interesting discussion.  Lots to think about.  Hoping for action to follow.

Here I am.  Lord, send me! 

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