Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How To Behold Beauty

I see beauty in the colours of Autumn --- my favourite season!  This photo shows the maple leaves just starting to change into their attractive Fall colours... a sight that I will not get tired of beholding each time the month of October rolls around!  I snapped this picture during a hike through a conservation area near our home this past weekend with my family.   

Speaking of seeing beauty, in my blog roll this morning are these words from Ann Voskamp...
We see God when we let go. When we let go of the visible, papery skin that surrounds our moments, then we see the sacred jewel gleaming just underneath everything.
When we cup the thinning, fragile places, the places worn right through, the dying and flaking away and hardly-holding-together-places, this is when we see the amber of Holiness.
Stripping away the sheath of self, this is how we see God. In a lace of brokenness, light dances with shadows.
Indeed... this is how I can see God... this is how I can behold beauty!

God is teaching me many things these few months.  Lessons that guide my todays and will shape my tomorrows.  Hard lessons but essential ones.  Molding me closer to becoming the masterpiece that HE designed and purposed me to be.

Here I am.  Lord, send me!

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