Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Flat Stanley's Canadian Adventures - Post #3

On Sunday, Flat Stanley went to church with us. Our church is a baby church, less than 2 years old only! It is called The Sanctuary Pickering and we meet inside a school gymnasium.

Flat Stanley got to meet our church family and we were able to snap a few photos of him with some of our church folks...

This is Pastor Dan!

This is baby Isabella and her mom Amanda.

This is Trevi. Trevi is holding one of the cupcakes that Flat Stanley helped to bake!

These are a couple of Jon's friends --- Johnnie and Caleb.

These are Josiah and Josiah! :-) There is actually another Josiah at our church... he wasn't there that day!

On Sunday afternoon, Flat Stanley watched the Olympic men's hockey GOLD medal game with us. We were much too excited that we forgot to take pictures! Team Canada (again!) won the GOLD medal and Team USA got silver. It was a very exciting game.

Overall, Canada won a total of 14 GOLD medals during Vancouver 2010. This is a new record for the Olympics: it is the most gold medals won by a country in the history of the Winter Olympic Games!

That night, we went to a restaurant called Kally's to celebrate a birthday. The birthday celebrant is Andy and following is a photo of Andy's wife, Carol and their baby Nat.

Carol was especially excited to meet Flat Stanley because Carol knows Faith's parents, Steve and Gay. Carol has been on Teen Missions trips before, that's why! Carol wants the TMI family to meet Nat through this photo!!! Nat says: "Hello, TMI family!!!"

On Monday night, we went to Aunt Aileen's house where Alyssa has piano lessons. This is our cousin, Anika.

And this is our cousin, Joshua!

Flat Stanley is checking out the yummy dinner that Aunt Aileen cooked for us.

Flat Stanley decided that he would peek inside the rice cooker!

After dinner, we went to our school. Once a week, our church hosts a free sports drop-in programme in partnership with our school for the families of our community. Behind Flat Stanley is an artwork of our school's mascot, The Wizard.

Behind Flat Stanley are some of the children who come to the sports drop-in. We play sports like basketball and volleyball. We also play games like dodge ball, octopus and pinnie-pinnie!

Stay tuned for more of Flat Stanley's Canadian Adventures...

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