Saturday, March 6, 2010

Flat Stanley's Canadian Adventures - Post #5

Flat Stanley goes home today... we had a wonderful time with him visiting our home!  We hope he had a GREAT time as well.

One of his last outings with us was to our Aunt Ranee's birthday party.  Here is Flat Stanley with Aunt Ranee's birthday cupcakes.  They were very yummy!!!

Our cousin Joshua is enjoying his cupcake with Flat Stanley looking on.

This morning, before heading to the Post Office where we dropped off Flat Stanley for his journey back to Merritt Island (Florida), we went to Alyssa's last basketball game of the Winter session.

Alyssa is the one wearing the white jersey, with the white head band.

Alyssa is the one with the ball, the one facing us.

Here is Flat Stanley posing with Alyssa and her trophy!!!

Goodbye, Flat Stanley!!!  We will miss you...

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