Friday, April 19, 2013

In The Midst of Evil...

As Christ-followers, this should always be our response, our default reaction...
"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." ~ Romans 12:21.
April has been a crazy month so far, to say the least. When it's quiet here on the blog, it means that real life's anything but quiet! Since the Easter weekend, it has felt like a tornado has hit our family schedule... nothing stands out in particular, but there's just been a lot of extra things that have been added to it, making life just a tad bit crazier, I suppose.

This blog post has been simmering in my mind for about two weeks now. I finally have a chunk of time this morning to string thoughts into words. Hopefully, these fingers will be able to tap out on these keys words that will adequately tell the story of the thoughts that have been occupying my mind...

Why two weeks, you might ask?
Well, exactly two weeks ago was Friday, April 5. It was the day the United Nations and partner organizations worldwide observed 1,000-days to the Year 2015 target date for the Millennium Development Goals, the MDGs.
"We continue to struggle against extreme poverty, inequality and insufficient access to sanitation. Climate change remains a clear and present danger. Now is the time for MDG Momentum. We now have less than 1,000 days to close the gaps and accelerate action. That means scaling up success, empowering women and girls, keeping fiscal promises, and mobilizing people from governments to the grassroots." ~ UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.
My boy was invited by Millennium Kids, an organization he's a part of, to speak at a Toronto Rally to mark #1000DaysToGo. What an awesome opportunity! He decided to read his letter to the Prime Minister of Canada. He excitedly penned this letter in the days leading up to April 5, determined and writing with passion even though writing isn't his most favourite thing to do. I am so very proud of him!

He spoke with passion and conviction and courage, this being his very first public speaking experience, to an audience of over 250 people including his peers, leaders of missions organizations and faith groups, government leaders, media and press personnel. He was interviewed by Salvationist, the voice of the Salvation Army and by Love Is Moving TV show.

Did I already say I am one proud mama?!? Yes, in case you haven't caught on yet... I am one proud mama!!! :-)

{Please pause the playlist on the sidebar of this blog as you watch this video.}

As he and I rode the train very early on the morning of April 5, heading downtown for this rally... I started to read a book on my Kindle app as he sat quietly beside me staring out at the scenery zooming by his window seat.

I glanced up from my book and noticed him deep in thought, a little nervous perhaps about the day's events. That very moment, this is what I read and just highlighted on my book...
"We can be the change-makers. You and me, friend, we can be the change. As Scripture says, if we are faithful in these small things, God will entrust us with much, knowing we will be up to the challenge." ~ Sarah Mae & Sally Clarkson, from the book Desperate.
I pointed out the highlighted words to him and he nods, assuredly nods. For him and for this mama, this is a big thing... and knowing that God entrusted this to my boy made my heart smile big. He is up to the challenge... this quiet, deep-thinking boy of mine. He is, because his Heavenly Father thinks so!

In the week leading up to April 5, especially after the gun violence that happened on the eve of Easter Sunday at the shopping mall where we have our church services, our family has been talking about how Resurrection people ought to live... how our response to evil should always be to overcome it with good.

I reiterated this Truth to my boy on that train ride... that we must do all we can to overcome evil with good, and that speaking out and advocating for the MDGs is one way God has given him the opportunity to do exactly this... to overcome evil with good.

He nods assuredly again. Right then and there, I knew he's going to be fine delivering this speech, because his Heavenly Father has gone before him. And this mama's heart swelled with happiness some more.

Since that Friday two weeks ago... many evil things have come to pass. Such as the suicide of Rick Warren's son. Such as the Boston Marathon bombings. Such as the Gosnell case. Such as the Steubenville case and two other similar ones resulting in tragic suicide deaths, one in Los Angeles and another closer to home, in Nova Scotia.

These are just a few stories representing many more in our world today. Evil is persistent. Evil is relentless. Evil is everywhere. But friends... 

Good can be persistent. 
Good can be relentless. 
Good can be everywhere.

As Christ-followers, we need to take action. We need to speak out. 
We need to do justice, to love mercy, to walk humbly with God.

We need to walk alongside those who are mentally ill. We need to love God and love others. We need to be pro-the-least-of-these. We need to teach our sons about manhood. We need to do compassion... it has to become our very lives!

We need to speak out against injustice.
And that's exactly what my boy did exactly two weeks ago today. Here are some helpful info-graphics to help you learn more about what the 8 MDGs are all about:

And it doesn't end with these next 1,000 days! It continues on to the next 1,000 days and the next ones and the next ones. With each 1,000 days, our family continues on this journey of doing justice, of loving mercy, of walking humbly with God.

No matter how crazy life gets for us and no matter how crowded our calendar becomes, we always weave doing compassion into it. In the weeks after Easter, we've written letters to our sponsor kids, spoken out for the MDGs, served dinner to at-risk youth, volunteered at a Compassion Canada event...

Because, as Christ-followers, our response to evil always has to be this... 

To overcome it with good!   

Compassion is a command, an act of worship, a song of thanks to Him.
Do justice. Love mercy. Walk humbly with God!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. YOU are so right. I appreciate your words. We must.

    seek justice, love mercy... walk humbly....