Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Eating Out vs. Providing A Livelihood?

Friends, earlier this week one of these came...

It was a letter from Florianlyn! As I tore open the envelope, I could tell that this wasn't an ordinary letter... because included in it was a photograph. This photograph...

Florianlyn's House, July 2012.

There are no words to describe the joy that overflowed from my heart upon seeing this picture! Friends... do you see what I see? PEREZ STORE!!! Yes, a store... a convenience store attached to the front of Florianlyn's home that we helped them to re-start! And, a house that's been fixed up!!!

Here's a "before" picture... one we snapped when we visited Florianlyn last summer...

Florianlyn's House, July 2011.

No more tarp as a roof over their heads. The whole front wall of the house is now all brick. A new and improved store window. Lots of merchandise to sell. A store sign. Oh. The. Joy. That. Filled. My. Heart!

Friends, the thing is...
It didn't take much at all for us to help Florianlyn's family in this way!

Sure, it took some sacrifice... but it did not take much at all. It's roughly the same amount we {a family of four, with a boy who has a rapidly growing appetite! :-)} spend monthly on eating out when I'm too lazy to cook! ;-)
The same amount for a two-night trip to Great Wolf Lodge.
The same amount one would spend yearly on their daily coffee or pop/soda.
The same amount as the latest, newest video game console.
The same amount as cable TV for one year.
The same amount one would save packing lunch for a few months instead of buying lunch.
You get the picture, right? It did not take much at all. It was a choice between indulging in eating out or providing adequate shelter and a livelihood for a family living in extreme poverty. The choice was simple and easy, a no-brainer! Friends, a no-brainer... plus, it was just giving up eating out for one short month!

Upon seeing results like this, our family has really taken into heart {especially this past year}... this idea of living simply so that we can give generously.  
“Live simply so others may simply live.” ~ Mother Teresa
A new habit. And, friends... I can assuredly tell you that this new habit has made our lives that much more beautiful. We are, as a result, more keenly aware of the things that break God's heart... in turn, those very same things breaking our family's heart as well. Truly a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful thing!

As I link up with the community over at A Holy Experience on The Practice of New Habits... as a whole community of bloggers Walk with Him and write about a spiritual practice that draws us nearer to God's heart....I pray that I've encouraged you to consider living simply in order to give generously. It's a habit that we can all certainly practice daily.


Friends, as you can see...
Child sponsorship with Compassion International has changed our family's life!

When we started out in this journey of sponsoring children, we did so with the desire to change the lives of these children and their families. Little did we know, God was going to change us in the process too!

It's been a beautiful change... like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. Friends, do you want to experience the same transformation? 

If your answer is YES, I urge you to start your journey here... go ahead, click on the link and look at those faces staring back at you on the screen... choose one, or two, even three... and pray over them! And ask God what He would have you do and be amazed as He orchestrates a beautiful transformation in your life!

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Now, back to that new habit of ours... living simply in order to give generously... one way our family is practicing this very habit right now is by living simply with our time so that we can generously pour time into making this happen... Eucharisteo: A Celebration of Joy, with Ann Voskamp... happening at the end of this month --- Saturday, September 29, right here in Toronto!

Will YOU come celebrate with us?
I would so love to see you all there, friends!!! Together, we can effect change... we can give hope... we can make lives better. Will you join me and my family in this endeavour?
He defended the rights of the poor and needy; then it went well.
Isn’t that what it means to know me? declares the Lord.

~ Jeremiah 22:16, CEB.
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I promise you will be blessed!

Compassion is a command, an act of worship, a song of thanks to Him.
Do justice. Love mercy. Walk humbly with God!

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