Sunday, April 1, 2012

March's Joy Dare

I am taking the Joy Dare and counting to {an extra} 1,000 Gifts in 2012! Will you join me?

#181 - #273... March's grace-gifts... from the Giver of good gifts, the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

3 gifts at 3pm:
:: A full and productive work day.
:: Hubby doing school pick-up, so I don't have to!
:: Looking out the window and seeing a beautiful, picturesque wintry landscape.

3 gifts green:
:: My warm, green wool socks.
:: Spruce needles so green against the white snow.
:: A mug of Japanese green tea.

3 gifts wore:
:: My Birks... love 'em!
:: Blue jeans... they're the greatest invention. :-)
:: The armour of God! ♥

3 gifts hard to give thanks for:
:: Difficult people... a time to exercise grace.
:: Growing pains... a chance to practice perseverance.
:: Dealing with apathy... a call to get on my knees and pray.

3 gifts found:
:: A new dishwasher... the right model, the right price!
:: This song... Grace by Laura Story... just what I needed. ♥
:: His sustaining grace... when I feel like giving up.

a gift bent, a gift broken, a gift beautiful:
:: Bare winter tree branches bending and dancing in the wind.
:: A heart broken for the things that break God's heart.
:: A musical rendition of Revelation 21.

3 gifts in the kitchen:
:: A new dishwasher! Did I already say that?!? :-)
:: The gurgling of boiling water in the kettle... the promise of a warm cup of coffee very soon.
:: Taco night!

a gift loud:
:: My boy playing his trombone.
:: My girl practicing piano.
:: Praise music blasting while I make dinner.

3 gifts carved:
:: Time carved out to intentionally stop and listen.
:: Time carved out to serve the marginalized.
:: Time carved out to just enjoy people's company.

3 gifts in Christ:
:: In Christ alone, my hope is found! ♥
:: Abundant life!
:: Life's purpose...

3 gifts read:
:: A Place at the Table, by Chris Seay.
:: Just A Minute, by Wess Stafford.
:: New Testament in a Year!

a gift in wind, in water, in white:
:: A breeze that feels like Spring air.
:: Spring rains...
:: Snow-covered garden in early March.

3 gifts round:
:: A perfectly round mini watermelon!
:: Our round BBQ grill... fired up for the first time this year.
:: Round plates to serve up a simple dinner.

a gift found in silence:
:: Quiet late nights spent reading in bed.
:: Silence coming from my girl's room... she's away this week... *doing* thanks!
:: A quiet evening to overcome writer's block.

3 gifts given away:
:: My girl's March Break.
:: My boy pitching in to buy muffins for UrbanPromise Toronto's March Break camp instead of buying a new LEGO set for himself. ♥
:: Time... taking a break from work to spend some time with my boy!

3 hard eucharisteos:
:: When bad things happen to good people...
:: The dry seasons in life...
:: Certain memories from my childhood...

a gift turned, a gift folded, a gift hung:
:: Pages in a good book.
:: Memories of grandma's hands folded in prayer.
:: My *eucharisteo* banner! ♥

3 gifts red:
:: Spray-painting letters J O Y in red.
:: Joy Dare! J O Y letters in red hung near window! ♥
:: Red velvet covered photo albums... containing memories!

3 gifts eaten:
:: Green curry chicken with chick peas.
:: Kale chips! Yum!
:: BBQ Korean kalbi beef.

3 gifts that made you laugh:
:: My boy's jokes!
:: My little nephew's antics!
:: Myself... it's good medicine to laugh at one's self! :-)

a gift salty, a gift sweet, a gift just right:
:: Kale chips... did I already say that?!?
:: Chocolate cupcakes with Easter eggs on frosting!
:: The shade of turquoise blue frosting...

3 gifts found in His word:
:: Comfort.
:: Encouragement.
:: Joy!

3 gifts found in women today:
:: My boss... can't ask for a better one!
:: Sisters... through thick and thin, still sisters.
:: True girlfriend... can pick up where we left off anytime, even after a long time.

3 gifts spoken:
:: Teachers' praises for my girl at parent/teacher interviews.
:: Truth spoken in love...
:: Love shown in words and action.

a gift sung, a gift written, a gift painted:
:: Birds singing their song... bright and early in the morning!
:: My girl's reflection... of her compassion trip to Wilmington, Delaware.
:: A basketball free throw line on our driveway! :-)

3 gifts almost gone:
:: Ginger honey tea we bought last Summer at a bee farm in the Philippines.
:: Easter-themed cupcakes baked earlier... time to bake more?
:: Honey crisp apples... 'til next season!

3 gifts redeemed:
:: My broken childhood.
:: My fractured soul.
:: My life.

3 gifts entwined:
:: Arms in a tight hug.
:: Braiding my girl's beautiful jet-black hair.
:: Relieving others' misery and relieving our own.

3 gifts of His promises:
:: His sufficient grace! ♥
:: He will never leave me or forsake me.
:: He loves me with an everlasting love.

3 gifts uncovered:
:: Crocuses... Spring is here!
:: A few more samosas in the freezer.
:: A stack of old photos.

a gift heard, a gift held, a gift hoped for:
:: A Thousand Little Things by Point of Grace.
:: My Bible.
:: The end of extreme poverty!

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Unwrapping more of His love in this world.
Act justly.  Love mercy.  Walk humbly with God!


  1. Is it April already?? I have to get my March joy dare finished up -- never mind the February one :oS. You have some beautiful and thoughtful gifts for March.


    1. Hi Deborah. Yes, April already! This year is just zooming by...

      Thanks for dropping by today. I'm looking forward to reading your March Joy Dare too! :-)