Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Late Start to the Week...

Hello Tuesday! We had a long weekend that started with a P.A. Day for the kids on Friday and ended with the Family Day holiday on Monday.... so we are enjoying a late start to this week!

The whole weekend was spent celebrating our girl's 15th birthday! We went to watch the Raptors play the Bobcats on Friday night. Although the Raptors lost, it was a fun night overall... with a stop at The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. Then, my sister and her hubby surprised my girl by showing up at the basketball game too!

Saturday night was another dinner out at a buffet restaurant of my girl's choice!

Sunday morning was spent at church... a great morning with a great message... one that touched me deep and brought me to tears... perhaps a blog post for another time! After that, our whole family did something very special! We had the awesome privilege of visiting a family to tell them that they have been approved for a Habitat for Humanity house!!!

Printed on the back cover of the presentation folder
that we brought to the family.

On the inside of the folder.

Because of the culture and religion of the family we visited, it was an experience that took us very much outside of our comfort zone! And because we didn't know that we would encounter this culture/religion beforehand, we were very much taken by surprise without any prior preparation! I have to say that I am very proud of how our kids handled themselves. :-)

During the visit, I couldn't help but feel and sense the darkness that has enshrouded this family... an oppressive darkness brought into their lives because of culture and religion. My heart felt sad... very sad.

Yet, I am in awe that God allowed for a window of conversation about the Bible and about our faith during this very short visit. It reminded me of Jesus' words from Mark 16:15 which says:
He (Jesus) said to them, “You are to go to all the world and preach the Good News to every person.
What an awesome way to spend a tiny portion of our Sunday! It's an experience that our family will treasure and remember for a long time. We are hoping to keep tabs on this Habitat family in the months and years to come... because I know that God can do immeasurably more than what we can ever ask or imagine!

Sunday night, the birthday celebrations continued... with my kids' Youth Pastor and his family, plus my girl's Small Group Leader, coming over for dinner. It was a lovely time to cap off an awesome Sunday!

On Family Day Monday, we spent the day with my extended family rock climbing!!! 

Everyone... old and young... big and small... had a great time... an awesome ending to an awesome weekend celebrating an awesome young lady!!!

As I continue my hunt for grace-gifts... these are the things I am thankful for this week... #1267 - #1273:

:: Great time of fellowship at Tuesday night Home Church.
:: Both kids bringing home awesome report cards!!!
:: Conversations with girlfriends over coffee.
:: My girl turning 15... and,
:: A whole weekend of celebrations!
:: Getting to deliver the Habitat good news... and,
:: Praying for this Habitat family to one day know the true Good News!

Happy Tuesday, friends!
May you be looking forward, as I am... to another week full of God's blessings and His goodness.
If living eucharisteo is the key to unlocking the mystery of life, this I want. I want the hunt, the long sleuth, the careful piecing together. To learn how to be grateful and happy whether hands full or hands empty. That is a secret worth spending a life on learning.
Soaring into this new week with you, friends... acting justly, loving mercy, walking humbly with God!

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Unwrapping more of His love in this world.
Act justly.  Love mercy.  Walk humbly with God!


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing! What a great memory!

    Our home school group will be going to Habitat for Humanity tomorrow! What an awesome experience God gave you....

    I am really excited as I can show my little boys what homes look like in other countries. Maybe I will find Bolivia... where their new Erik is from!

    God is faithful!

    Much love,

    1. You and your boys will enjoy the field trip to Habitat, Teena!

      It's an amazing organization... one that our family loves! We've been supporters for quite some time now.