Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Newest Read, Interrupted

My newest read is a book by Jen Hatmaker.  It is simply called Interrupted.  When I bought this book, I honestly didn't even know what it was all about.  I bought it because I needed to purchase one more book from Amazon.ca so that I wouldn't have to pay for shipping.  It was the first book cover I saw that looked attractive to me!!!

Nothing happens by chance though... I think God intended for me to read this book all along, that's why I ended up buying it.  You know what the theme of the book is?  Well... it is none other than Micah 6:8!  It talks about the very same things that God has impressed upon our family at the beginning of this year.  Coincidence?  I think not!

When I cracked open the book and started reading the first chapter, I said to hubby: "You won't believe what this book is all about.  Really... not again!"  He just grinned!  He knew exactly what I meant just by my facial expression. :-)  I love how he can read me like that!

Not only that, Jen Hatmaker writes about her family's journey of being interrupted (by God) while living their comfortable suburban Christian lifestyle and thrust into doing Micah 6:8 stuff.  As I flipped from page to page and read from chapter to chapter, I couldn't help but recognize my family's story in the pages on this book.  It is actually inspiring me to journal the narrative of our own story... one of these days, maybe!

Here are a couple quotes from the book that really resonated with me:
I want... to be great because we fed hungry mommas and their babies.  I'd like to be great because we battled poverty with not just our money but our hands and hearts.  I desire the greatness that comes from not just seeking mercy but justice for those caught in a system with trapdoors.  I hope to be part of a great movement of the Holy Spirit, who injects supernatural wind and fire into His mission.  My version of great will come when others are scratching their heads and saying, "Wow, you live a really different life."

Believer, your life is too essential to waste on pettiness or word wars, greed or ladder climbing, anger or bitterness, fear or anxiety, regret or disappointment.  Life is too short.  We must run, not walk, the way of Isaiah 58, embracing authentic faith manifested through mercy and community.  Living on mission requires nothing less.  It is a grand adventure, a true voyage into the kingdom of God.  Would you lose days, months, years pointing fingers and quarreling, or would you rather break yokes of oppression?  Imagine what would happen if we all chose the latter.  Our light would rise in the darkness, indeed.
Great insights indeed.  I have much to process still... but God has already used this book to encourage me much this week.  I feel extremely blessed! 

Speaking of breaking yokes of oppression, this past weekend we had the opportunity to attend a fund-raising music concert benefiting several Haitian orphanages.  My sister and her choir were invited to perform, that's how we heard about it.  One of the orphanages is Haiti Children's Home.  I read their website and learned a bit more about the work that they do.  I will for sure be investigating how our family can further be involved in helping them in the immediate future.

The concert, by the way, raised over $34,000 in two nights!  Our family is thankful for this particular opportunity to be a part of a movement to unwrap more of God's love for these Haitian orphans... even if it is just a little bit by a little bit each day.

Unwrapping more of His love in this world.
Act justly.  Love mercy.  Walk humbly with God!


  1. just found you blog over at A Holy Experience. That book sounds like something I would truly benefit from reading. Gotta see if I can get it ordered and sent to my inlaws so they can bring it we they visit. The thing I miss the most loving outside of the US is a good Christian bookstore.

    thanks for letting me know about the book!

    joy & blessings,

  2. I too, found your blog over at Holy Experience. This book sounds like a perfect read for my husband and I. We've really been thinking/struggling on how to DO more for our world also.

    Thank you for sharing!


  3. I came from Ann’s

    Little miracles by God, they happen, we are astounded, the trick is to record and remember them – and this you have done brilliantly. You’ll have this miracle now for the rest of your life.

    Thank you for this

    And today, I pray that God shines his love on you and yours.