Monday, January 24, 2011

Extraordinary Joy in Ordinary Places

I read this quote by Janet L. Weaver one day during my Facebook meanderings:
Every morning is a fresh opportunity to find God's extraordinary joy in the most ordinary places.
Love it!  It is sooooo true... that is precisely why I continue to count my 1000 gifts.  I don't want to miss the many extraordinary joys in my ordinary every-days! 

Sunshine streaming into my office through the window on a frigidly cold, -16*C winter day... I feel God's embrace through the warm rays!

Baking cinnamon buns for breakfast... oh so yummy!

My peppermint tea... warm and soothing.

Lovely lunch with a good friend... celebrating her birthday.

I made a new wreath for my front door... love unleashing my creativity by making beautiful things!

A short but welcome respite from the deep freeze we've been experiencing... a balmy 1*C Tuesday afternoon!

Another win for my girl's basketball team!  A perfect winning record so far...

God's faithfulness as our family's journey continues... thankful that His mercy and His grace go before us in all the new things that will fill our every-days.

My girl's RCM piano exam went very well.  I am so proud of how hard she worked to prepare for it.  We are excitedly awaiting results!

Our whole family watching Hockey Night in Canada... hubby and my boy snuggled under the warm quilt!

Sunday afternoon nap... ahhhhh, bliss!

Writing letters to our Compassion children.  You can see all 5 of them on the photo strip I recently put up on the sidebar of this blog!

For this blog post, my 400th... can't believe I've written 400 posts in 3-1/2 years!  Thankful for grace... so evident most recently in my 399th post, and also in all the words scribbled on these digital pages!!!

Extraordinary joys... my friends, they are gifts of grace!

Unwrapping more of His love in this world.
Act justly.  Love mercy.  Walk humbly with God!


  1. THAT was a cold day huh? I am thankful we only got down anywhere near that far at night and not during the day. Although it wasn't too far off at times.

  2. beautiful list! We missed out on that Sunday afternoon nap and should head to bed early tonight.

  3. What a beautiful list! I love that quote. I'm going to have to fb status it this week :o).

    You have five Compassion children?!? That is awesome!!!! We have two. They're both on Negros in the Philippines. We're very much hoping we will get to visit them when we go to bring home our daughters.


  4. Hi Deborah. Six Compassion children now... as of today! We just received another info package today. We sponsor two and write to the rest as a correspondent. There are many Compassion children whose sponsors don't or are unable to write to them. We contacted the Compassion office and signed up to correspond with these kids. We hope to visit our Compassion daughter in Philippines one day too... she lives in Masbate.