Thursday, December 9, 2010

Soul Stretchmarks

As Christmas approaches and the things-to-do and the people-to-see start occupying the pages of my calendar, I find it helpful each morning to just put things into perspective.  To sit and reflect, to read and think, to focus and pray.

This morning, I read a great blog post by Ann Voskamp on the (in)courage website.  Here are some of her words...
Mary’s stretched.
To be a dwelling place of God, a womb for Christ, means to be extended, taken to one’s outer edges… stretched.
To be a womb for God means there will be stretchmarks.
This may hurt. I may feel weary. These days may not be easy.
To be a womb for Christ, I’ll feel my inner walls, my boundaries, stretch.
Stretching the shape of a soul hurts.
I pray for the soul stretchmarks.
And I am expecting Christ.
Great words of reminder for me especially as I think back to last Christmas and feel the need to make sure a certain ugly situation does not happen again.  As I allow myself to go there, stressful and anxious thoughts flood my mind...

I am greatly thankful for Ann Voskamp's timely blog post this morning... it is certainly God's timing!  I want to be a dwelling place of God... therefore I will give thanks for soul stretchmarks.  Grace has been and is still freely given to me... therefore I must freely extend grace to those around me.

Here I am.  Lord, send me!  

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