Saturday, December 18, 2010

Camp Freedom Christmas Party

Note to my sister: This is your girl!

Last night, our family had the opportunity to attend a Christmas party.  It was a party for the kids at UrbanPromise's Camp Freedom.  Camp Freedom is located in the Jane/Finch neighbourhood of our city --- considered one of the neediest communities in Toronto.

We had a GREAT time and had lots of fun.  It started with us playing some board games and colouring with the kids; then a very active worship time; then singing of Christmas carols; then a simple dinner of chicken and fried rice, ice cream and cupcakes from Sandy's Sweets; then a SURPRISE for the kids.

The SURPRISE was the best part, in my opinion! :-)  It was when the kids were told they will each get a Christmas present to take home.  You should have seen and heard the cheers that erupted from the group.

Here's a video of when the presents were being distributed.  Please pause the Playlist on the sidebar of this blog as you watch the video. 

I am truly grateful for the families God sent to help us provide these presents.  This was a project that our family decided to take on just after Thanksgiving this year.  There were 29 children to buy presents for... it was a lesson in faith.  God was teaching me to say "YES" first to what He wants our family to do, then He will send the provision.

My sister heard me talking about this project and got the ladies in her Bible study group interested.  They generously stepped up and "adopted" children from the list of 29 to buy for.  Other friends who heard about this project from me also participated.  It was certainly a group effort --- truly a picture of Christ's church working together to be His hands and His feet for the most vulnerable of society!

Here I am.  Lord, send me!

Here are some photos from last night:

Hubby striking up a conversation with the kids.
This is Julius, aka "Kuya" --- Camp Freedom's Site Supervisor.
Enjoying a game of Snakes & Ladders.
She is showing us her collection of Silly Bandz.
These girls sat at our table during dinner.
Dessert is served!
Cupcakes from Sandy's Sweets!!!
They disappeared very quickly! :-)
Enjoying dessert...
Yummy ice cream!
Note to Sandy: This is your boy!
Here I am chatting with "Kuya" on how to divert 3 of the presents.  Three of the kids on the list have left the program and three others have joined.  We were able to match presents to new kids (gender and age specific)... even details like that God had already prepared!!!  God is good.
Great end to an AWESOME evening!


  1. This is AWESOME Aimee...thank you for taking the step of faith because YOU made us participants of this!!!! THanks for sharing the video...made it much more meaningful...I will show it to our kids!

  2. Now THIS is what Christmas is all about. Thanks for allowing us to share your beautiful pictures and video. May you have a blessed Christmas!