Monday, October 1, 2007

Closet Inventory

October already?!? I tell you --- this year is just speeding away much too quickly for me. I can't believe that we are into the last quarter of 2007 already. Well, with the colder weather starting to arrive, my kids have started to pull out their jeans and long-sleeve shirts to wear.

Much to my amazement, nothing fits my daughter anymore! She grew quite a bit over the summer months. A closet inventory is in order --- YAY! I love to organize things so this is actually a chore that I enjoy doing. So, of course, I could not stop after my daughter's closet was done. I had to do my son's closet, the winter coats and the footwear as well. Well, now, piles of children's clothing and footwear occupy our upstairs hallway --- a pile for goodwill, and piles to pass on to cousins and friends.

Over the weekend, the children and I embarked on a shopping run to refill their now-empty closets. I couldn't believe how hard it is to find decent clothes to buy for a preteen girl these days, but I'll save that topic for another day and another blog entry!

Now back to what I'm writing about today --- closet inventory. As I was cleaning out the closets, I couldn't help but parallel the process of inventory to life. I thought to myself: are there things in my life that I continue to do just because I've been doing it all along; just because I'm comfortable where I am; just because it's expected of me. I'm referring to things like: programmes our children are involved in; ministry involvement at church; community events we participate in; family routines and traditions we do year in and year out.

Is it time to do an 'inventory' of these things? The answer is YES! Just like I clean out the closets every year, it is good practice to re-evaluate every now and then why we do the things that we do. To take out things that don't fit anymore, keep the ones that still fit, and to make room for new things that are needed. Basically, to sit back and to refocus. To ask whether or not this is still where God wants me to be at this time. To ask whether this is still where God can use me the most.

Re-evaluation and refocusing are often difficult because the result can involve change. I think that God has been gracious in allowing me to do the Bible study 'Discerning the Voice of God' this season for this specific reason --- to help me in my re-evaluation and refocusing. I am eagerly anticipating to see what He has in store for me in this Bible study.

"If you want to hear God's voice clearly and you are uncertain, then remain in His presence until He changes this uncertainty. Often much can happen during this waiting for the Lord. Sometimes He changes pride into humility; doubt into faith and peace; sometimes lust into purity. The Lord can and will do it."
---Corrie Ten Boom (printed in Discerning the Voice of God, Week 1 - Anticipating the Voice of God)

"In the morning, O Lord, You will hear my voice; In the morning I will order my prayer to You and eagerly watch."
---Psalm 5:3 NASB

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  1. Great to see you back at it, I keep checking in so I can live ou family life through your eyes.

    Inventory, cleaning out, reviewing why we do things. Think about Thanksgiving this coming weekend. What do you normally do? Same thing every year? Good Sheppard, Daily Bread Food bank? They could all use your compassion and energy this coming weekend. Do you really need that turkey? Do the kids really love your stuffing? Or could someone benefit at 2$ to feed someone with that dinner money?

    I always look forward to your entries, your writing is really enjoyable, thanks!