Friday, August 10, 2007

Soul Care

I finally finished reading the book 'Postmodern Children's Ministry' today! Although I don't totally agree with some of the ideas discussed in this book, I totally agree with the author that we are to be faithful in the soul care of our children --- no matter which method or program we choose to use in our particular homes and churches.

Those two words stir up a lot of emotion in me.
Those two words pack a lot of meaning and purpose in them.
Those two words sum up what nurturing children is really all about.

The author ends the book with this sentence --- "I'm excited to watch the souls of the children in our care reach for the God who loves them." I can totally picture that in my mind! What an awesome thing it would be if we can make that picture a reality in our homes and churches today with all the children in our care.

We need to start with having parents and adults who love and are passionate about children; parents and adults who have a heart for God and for ministry. I truly believe that in order to make a BIG difference, we have to start with small baby steps, one step at a time. To me, this means starting at home with the two precious children that God has entrusted to my hubby and me, then extending ourselves into the church to help impact the lives of other children that are brought to us each and every week.

Speaking of starting at home, this week I introduced my daughter to 'Dare To Be A Daniel' and she absolutely loved it! She completed the online training portion in one afternoon and has been going back to this website ever since. The site is very well-done (cool and awesome); it is targeted to young people between the ages of 9 and 14; it has a message board/forum; and, it is packed with articles, testimonies and videos that are relevant to this age group. It is definitely a great tool to help young people take a stand for Jesus Christ and win souls for Him.

My prayer today is that my daughter would 'dare to be a Daniel'! Now that would be totally cool and totally awesome! :-)

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