Monday, March 11, 2013

One Awesome Grace-Gift!

I am one proud mama! 
This past Saturday was a very special day for my girl because... she became a published writer! Yes, you read that right... a published writer!!!

She said, "Mom, I have writer's block." It was the night before her literary piece was due, for a province-wide writing and creative arts competition open to all public secondary school students that her teacher invited her to join, the Student Achievement Awards.

She was to submit a piece for the Prose and Poetry Academic category, for students in Grades 9 and 10. She was to write a literary piece that would explore this year’s theme: Dis(obedience): Stand By or Stand Up.

"Just write honestly." I remember telling her. She tapped on the keys of her Mac laptop late into the night, and finally... out from the printer came two sheets of paper, The Moment It Went Dark.

I was its first audience. The story captivated me... a truly powerful piece. "This is going to go far." I said with a smile. She didn't look like she believed her mother...

But, she had faith in her Heavenly Father. "With the little time I had to write this, I'm not confident... but God will take this where He wants to take it, Mom." Yes, that's my child... it never ceases to amaze me how much I learn from her each and every day. So mature, so much wisdom. God's grace... for which I am so thankful for!

The Moment It Went Dark was declared the winner at the school level. It was now on its way to the Local District. Soon, she received a letter from the Local District letting her know that it won there too and that it was on its way to the Regional Level... and if successful, to the Provincial Level. But, this letter would be the last time we hear anything unless her submission wins the top prize.

It was exam week, in late January, when the email came. The Moment It Went Dark won!!! She stared and stared at the iPhone screen, not believing what she's reading --- she won! Provincial winners will be awarded $1000 each in prizes and will be invited to an awards ceremony in March where a video showcasing their work will be screened and a booklet published with all the winning pieces in it!

Then came filming day, on February 20. The video production company came to her school and spent almost the entire day with her. In the days leading up to filming day, she sent out prayer requests --- because she very much wanted to be able to talk about her faith in this video. We prayed that those very words will be deemed fit to be included in the film.

When hubby came back home from driving her to school on filming day, he told me that he shared Romans 1:16 with her, "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation..."

I flipped my Romans Project booklet one page over, to start the week of February 20-27 and what did I see? That. very. verse! I knew right then that this video is going to be awesome because God is just so awesome like that! :-)

This past Saturday was The Day!
I didn't think that this mama's heart could contain all that happiness, so proud of my baby girl... and so thankful for God's goodness and His grace in her life!

Holding her first published work in her hands!!!

To read The Moment It Went Dark, please click on this link and scroll to pages 4 and 5.

And here's the video, please click this link to hop over to the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation website to view it. And, just as I knew it would be, it's awesome... because God is just so awesome like that! It's of the entire event... so if you are interested in the feature portion shot at her school where God came through big time, it starts at about the 26 minute mark and ends around the 29 minute mark. Then, the actual receiving of the award starts at the 39 minute mark.

The booklet.
Receiving her award.
All the award winners from all eight categories.
The prize money.

As I continue to count grace-gifts, with unending thanks... to The One who gives good gifts... these are the things I am thankful for this week... #2871 - #2875:
:: Unexpected gifts!
:: His grace, so extravagant.
:: His love, so relentless.
:: March Break!
:: The gift of being a mom, and the joys that come with it!

Hello Monday!
In the naming that which is right before me, that which I'd otherwise miss, the invisible becomes visible.
The space that spans my inner emptiness fills in the naming.
I name. And I know the face I face.
~ Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts.
Choosing to live a surrendered life... because Christ's love compels me... and giving thanks for everything that my good God so freely bestows, so lavishly gives and so extravagantly showers!

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Compassion is a command, an act of worship, a song of thanks to Him.
Do justice. Love mercy. Walk humbly with God!


  1. Oh, what a blessing, to see your child's gifts being used already in her life! God is so very good!! Congratulations to your daughter!
    In His Love, Ann @ Christ in the Clouds!

    1. Yes, a blessing indeed! Thank you for dropping by here today, Ann. :-)

  2. What a special moment for your girl. A blessing filled way for her to live out and share her faith! Congratulations!!


    1. Thanks, Deborah. Yes, it truly was a very special moment. God is so good!

  3. wow. wow. wow. wow. wow.

    God is faithful. I love it! Way to go!


    1. I can read your excitement, Teena! Thanks for celebrating with us. Yes, God is faithful... we are so grateful for His goodness!

  4. That is so exciting. You must be BURSTING with pride!

    1. Yes, BURSTING with pride! God is so good, so awesomely good!

    For I am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel!

    1. Ah, yes! For I am *NOT* ashamed of the Gospel... I am still awed how that very verse was the Romans Project verse for that very week!

      Our God is so very awesome, just like that!

      Thanks for dropping by today, Ann!