Friday, June 1, 2012

May's Joy Dare

I am taking the Joy Dare and counting to {an extra} 1,000 Gifts in 2012! Will you join me?

#364 - #456... May's grace-gifts... from the Giver of good gifts, the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

3 gifts tasted:
:: A mid-morning latte brought home by hubby!
:: God's goodness! ♥
:: Strawberry banana kefir smoothie for lunch.

3 gifts flat:
:: A couriered package containing more work for me to do.
:: Flat envelope containing a cheque for Habitat Toronto.
:: Flats on my feet... Spring is here! ♥

3 gifts found in difficult people:
:: An opportunity to practice patience,
:: To show empathy, and most of all...
:: To see myself in them and realize my own brokenness.

3 gifts before 9am:
:: Waking up in a warm and cozy bed.
:: Talking to my Heavenly Father.
:: Making a lunch for my girl.

a gift in a sign, a smile, a snack:
:: Brethren In Christ's (Canada) new Purpose Statement.
:: Many familiar smiling faces at our church's annual meeting.
:: A faith community sharing breakfast together.

3 gifts found in Christ:
:: My life.
:: My strength.
:: My song.

3 gifts about your home:
:: The people I share it with! ♥
:: A household of faith.
:: God's peace abounds...

3 gifts inside a closet:
:: Clothes... more than we need.
:: Fresh bed sheets!
:: Soft towels.

3 gifts found in the dark:
:: Good night's sleep!
:: The promise of hope...
:: Stars in the night sky.

a gift outside, inside, upside down:
:: Beautiful Spring day!
:: Luncheon with co-workers.
:: God's upside-down economy... not having to seek advancement at work.

3 gifts about your parents:
:: Hard-working.
:: Passionate in what they believe in.
:: Prays for us each and every day.

3 gifts held in hand today:
:: Funds our church family raised for the Pregnancy Care Centre.
:: My hand on my boy's shoulder as we walked the 5km route of the First Response Relay.
:: A yummy BBQ lunch at the finish line!

3 gifts found in your mother:
:: She lives the Gospel.
:: Her willingness to suffer.
:: She sees beauty in ashes.

a gift packed up, put away, put back:
:: A lunch for my girl.
:: Winter coats!!!
:: Freshly-laundered clothes put back in closets.

3 gifts about you:
:: My levelheadedness.
:: My organization skills.
:: My love of reading.

3 gifts found in His Word:
:: Glory.
:: Grace.
:: Truth.

a gift in a box, a bag, a book:
:: Box of magazines... more work to do.
:: Bag of dried mangoes... a gift for my boss.
:: Summer Book Club title: The Hole in Our Gospel.

3 gifts unexpected:
:: Beautiful end to an otherwise stressful week.
:: Time to start another garden bed... and,
:: Enough plants to transplant into it!

3 gifts from your childhood:
:: Day trips to the ocean-side.
:: Playing Scrabble with my mom and sisters.
:: Art lessons.

a gift sweet, sour, salty:
:: Banana chips!
:: Dill pickle chips!
:: Home-made kale chips!

3 gifts found in little people:
:: Innocence.
:: Purity.
:: Blind faith.

3 gifts that made you laugh:
:: My boy!
:: Neighbourhood children's conversation that I'd overheard.
:: The squirrel who frequents our backyard garden.

3 gifts found in community:
:: Togetherness.
:: Fellowship.
:: Support.

a gift in a plate, pot, package:
:: A plate of grilled pork chops!
:: A warm pot of steamed rice!
:: A package for our Haitian Compassion child, Bell Bradley!

3 gifts hard giving thanks for:
:: Being behind with work...
:: Being behind with laundry...
:: Being behind with making dinner...

a gift worn, white, whispered:
:: It's finally warm enough for shorts!
:: White flowers of woodruff plants blooming in the backyard.
:: God whispering, "You can trust... for My grace is sufficient!"

3 gifts found in church:
:: Being reminded that "God's reckless grace is our greatest hope..."
:: Joy in serving Jesus together with our church family!
:: Singing "How He Loves"! ♥

3 gifts in today's work:
:: A smooth-sailing work day...
:: With very minimal interruptions, and...
:: Very few emails!

a gift at 8am, 12pm, 8pm:
:: Waking up to a cloudy day.
:: Both my kids home for lunch today.
:: Walking towards our vehicle... hubby picking me up after a meeting... chatting with him on the drive home.

3 gifts blue:
:: Blue hydrangea blooms.
:: Blue Jays in the garden.
:: Bluish-purple blooms on my chives.

3 gifts you gave today:
:: The gift of full attention.
:: A gift to our Compassion LDP student... to help her sister and brand-new niece.
:: Serving my family with love.

Click on the banners below to learn more about counting to 1,000 Gifts...
Jump in... I promise you will be blessed!

Unwrapping more of His love in this world.
Act justly.  Love mercy.  Walk humbly with God!

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