Sunday, October 2, 2011

Busy Season

It's a busy season in the life of our family. Some days, I feel like time is going on fast-forward... so many things still to do, yet the day is almost over.

I still remember... when my kids were just toddlers... being overwhelmed by the busy-ness of life at home. A few moms with older children then told me, "The busy-ness during the toddler years is nothing compared to how busy life gets when the kids become teenagers. It's just a different kind of busy."

I believe them now! :-)

As I mulled over this thought last night, my eyes drifted to a piece of paper on our fridge... one that's been there since my daughter was born almost 15 years ago now. On it is a poem called A Mother's Prayer. Here is it...

... A Mother's Prayer ...
By: Helen M. Young
God, give me wisdom to see
that today is my day with my children.
That there is no unimportant moment
in their lives.
May I know no other career is as precious,
No other work so rewarding,
No other task so urgent.
May I not defer it nor neglect it,
But, by thy Spirit, accept it gladly, joyously,
and by thy grace realize
That the time is short and my time is now,
For children won’t wait!

Children truly won't wait... since when did my two suddenly become 14 and 11 years of age? Weren't they just babies not too long ago?!? Yes, the time is truly short and my time is truly now.

I was reminded, as I read the above poem last night, that I should cherish this busy season... for soon, it will just be a memory.

Last night, our family went to watch the movie Courageous... another great reminder of just how important our role is as parents! If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend you go see it. Tears, laughter, thought-provoking, inspiring!

One thing that has truly nourished me, physically and spiritually, during this busy season is my new morning routine --- I am waking up earlier and maximizing my mornings by starting the day with prayer, soaking in Scripture, exercising {let's be honest... just sometimes, I get to this part!} and planning out the day.

This week, my 1,000 Gifts list continues with these grace-gifts, for this season of busy-ness --- #1018 - #1029...

~ The reminder that children won't wait.
~ His sustaining grace, for busy seasons.
~ The movie, Courageous.
~ For my hubby, a courageous husband and dad!
~ My Inspired To Action accountability group on Twitter.
~ Basketball, basketball and more basketball games. :-)
~ Hubby coaching my girl's house league team!
~ Attending Home Church for the first time.
~ Serving in a church community once again.
~ Picking up empty Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes!
~ Roaming the local library with my boy.
~ Meeting, praying and planning with like-minded church leaders.

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