Monday, August 8, 2011

Grace-Gifts Beyond Measure

Our family is currently in the Philippines, on our first ever missions immersion trip! We continue to be broken... broken by the things that break God's heart. We've had a great week, often going from being surrounded by poverty to enjoying luxuries. I am totally relying on the grace that can only come from God in order to navigate this stark contrast!

We are on the last few days of this trip. As I continue to count grace-gifts, I continue to be in awe of the things that God has allowed our family to experience...

Grace-gifts #898 - #915... in thanksgiving for His amazing grace!

~ Shakey's pizza!
~ Visiting more friends and more relatives.
~ Meeting Rochelle
~ Visiting her home.
~ The staff at Compassion's PH920, their dedication and commitment.
~ Grace to navigate the stark contrast between poverty and luxury.
~ One night stay at the hotel where hubby and I got married 17 years ago.
~ Enjoying a nice shower at the hotel. :-)
~ Having lunch at hubby's childhood home.
~ Visiting the university where hubby graduated from.
~ My girl sharing her testimony with another group of teenagers.
~ Visiting the 6 children we sponsor for education through CEC88 Foundation.
~ Having dinner with my childhood classmates!
~ Day trip to the island of Bohol.
~ Safety during the boat trip there and back.
~ God's creativity: Chocolate Hills & Tarsier Monkey.
~ Riverboat cruise on the Loboc River... lovely!

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