Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Blog Is Silent...

It seems like my blog is silent or has slowed down to a whisper these days even though I really would like to share my heart out on here!  This is truly the hardest part about blogging... while there are many, many things (both exciting and difficult) that I am dying to write about, it is not the right time to do so yet.

In times like these, I am grateful for my friends and my family... for they are always there to listen and to encourage!  Whether I am sharing with a friend at their kitchen table or chatting on the phone with a family member... a sense of gratefulness washes over me.

At this moment in time, all I can say on here is that God has been speaking powerfully to hubby and me.  We need to be still and listen... and that is precisely what we have decided to do over the next few months.  These are exciting times... God is revealing a mission for our family and we sure don't want to miss it!

Tomorrow, we head out for a week of summer road tripping!  We are looking forward to a time of refreshment... a time of seeing and hearing God... a time of discovery!  Throughout it all, our family's prayer remains to be... 

Here I am.  Lord, send me! 

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