Friday, April 24, 2009

The Most Important Place On Earth, Part 2

Here's more on the book I'm reading, The Most Important Place On Earth: What a Christian Home Looks Like and How to Build One by Robert Wolgemuth.

From Chapter 5: The Power of Words... Real bullets at home; and from Chapter 6: The Power of Words, Part II... The Family Vitamins.

Your home --- must be a place of true words. Accurate words. Your home has to be a place where people treat words as valuable and precious... and they must speak them precisely. Broken promises and treating words as worthless are no laughing matter. Failure to use words to speak truth has brought people plenty of anguish. Treat words as what they are: treasures. Each one spoken must be true. Thoughtful. Precise. The children in your Christian home need to experience the great gift of learning how to use - and treasure - words this way. They need to understand, from your example, that words are not blanks. They're not simple noise. Spoken words are powerful. They have consequences. Their impact is mighty.

Words are vitamins you speak: potent phrases for you and your family. Vitamin #1: I love you. Vitamin #2: I need your love. Vitamin #3: I'm sorry; I was wrong. Will you please forgive me? Vitamin #4: May I Help? Vitamin #5: Thank you.

From Chapter 7: Just For Laughs... The best medicine of all.
The most important place on earth must include this magic elixir. Rules for laughter: laugh at yourself; have homemade laughter; laugh with your kids, never at them; sarcastic humor and cynicism are poison.
A few more chapters to go... off to read some more.

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