Monday, January 17, 2011

These Ordinary Days...

I am counting bountiful blessings on these ordinary days!  At church yesterday, we sang the song From The Inside Out.  Part of the lyrics jumped out at me like never before... here they are:
A thousand times I've failed,
Still YOUR mercy remains.
And should I stumble again,
I'm caught in YOUR grace.

Let justice and praise become my embrace,
To love YOU from the inside out.
Although my stomach is still queasy at times from my bout with the stomach flu the week before, I am back to my routines... very thankful for the strength that God provides for each day.

A "coffee date" with a friend... although I had peppermint tea because of my queasy tummy.  Thankful that we can remain in contact and encourage one another even though we don't belong to the same church anymore.

LEGO Mindstorm team meetings have resumed at my son's school... very cool to see how young minds think and process challenges.

My daughter is getting new retainers for her lower teeth... progress is great after almost 18 months with braces.

Encouraging and uplifting words from three friends all during this past week... truly evidence of God's grace for I am unable to be those words if not for grace.  Humbled.

Basketball, basketball and more basketball.  My daughter's school team officially started competing with a full schedule this past week.  Thankful that most of the games are home games! :-)

Wednesday's basketball game... a win at home!

Thursday's basketball game... another win at home!  These girls are on a roll...

My grandmother, who is now 101-years-old and lives in the Philippines, had a bad fall and fractured her hip.  Partial hip replacement surgery is being done as I type this.  If not, she will be bedridden for the rest of her life.  Yet she has an unstable heart which could result in a heart attack during surgery.  Fervently praying for God's grace to sustain her: "God, please give Ama enough strength for the days and weeks ahead... and please guide the surgeon's hands!"  I am also thankful for technology.  I just received a video via email of my grandma praying... it is very precious!

***edited to add:
Surgery went very well.  Grandma is now in recovery in the Cardiac Care Unit.  Praises be to my God for His goodness and His amazing grace!  Words just aren't enough... shedding tears of joy with a very thankful heart!!!

An unexpected gift from hubby's aunt.  God is good!

Opportunities for our family to keep remembering Haiti... one year after the earthquake.

My newest read... Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker.

Lovely Friday night dinner with friends!  This is a family we got to know at our previous church.  When we made the decision to leave the church in the Fall of last year, one of the saddest things for me is that we won't be able to connect anymore with the people who we have come to love.  But, God is gracious... He's allowed us to keep in touch with most of these friends.  For that, my heart is happy!

Awesome time of worship and learning at our new church yesterday.  God is truly good... the journey He takes us through, although painful and tough at times, always ends up in awesomeness!

Thankful for an opportunity to give towards Haiti at a 2-night fund-raising concert where my sister sang with her choir.  The beneficiaries are several Haitian orphanages, one of which is Haiti Children's Home.  Over $34,000 was raised!!!  So cool!!! 

New pillows.     

My friends... these ordinary days are when God's grace is most special!  My prayer is that they are as real to you as they are to me...

Unwrapping more of His love in this world.
Act justly.  Love mercy.  Walk humbly with God!

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  1. I found you off Ann's website! I love the verse on your's something our family desires to make our life verse.

    Blessings to your family!