Monday, May 25, 2009

Quebec City Trip in Pictures

Here are some photos from our recent trip to Quebec City, just a sampling of the hundreds of shots we took. Quebec City is sooooo beautiful, very historical, lots of character and culture. Glad we went!

In front of the Quebec Provincial Parliament building...

Huge fountain in front of the Parliament building...

Walking ON TOP of the Fortifications... reminded us of the Bible story of Gideon and the Walls of Jericho!!!

We saw A LOT of canons during our trip... my son was thrilled!

In the Lower City, outside the Fortifications --- Cote de Champlain.

An antique canon ball stuck in the tree's roots --- very cool!

At Canyon Ste-Anne. See that bridge on top? We had to CROSS IT!!!

Still at Canyon Ste-Anne; never seen anything like it! I must say it's a lot nicer than Niagara Falls.

Outside the Citadel doors. We had a tour of the Governor General's other official residence inside the Citadel (her other official residence is Rideau Hall in Ottawa)...unfortunately, no pictures were allowed inside!

A side trip to Ottawa, on the way home, to see the second newest Leeanueva addition --- Baby Jonah. Baby Jordan is now the newest Leeanueva addition. There are babies everywhere... I feel old!

Three of the five Leeanueva sisters (missing two Lee sisters!) with Baby Jonah.

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