Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Evening Grace

Evening Grace --- that's the title of the final chapter in the book Grace-Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel. This means that I'm finally finished reading the book. Yay for me! I must say that this has been an awesome read for me. I learned so much; have been encouraged much; and, have been blessed much by what the author has written on the pages of this book.

Here's a little bit from the last chapter:

"You have been singled out to do a favor for God. He is asking you to be His representative to a small but vital part of the next generation. He needs someone to be His voice, His arms, and His heart. He chose you.

When they (parents) realize that their job is to raise up children to love and serve God, they wonder how on earth they will do that. The answer isn't on earth. It's found in heaven. It's sitting on an eternal throne. He has many names, but among my favorites is 'The God of Grace'. You wonder: How am I to raise up children to love and serve God? The answer is actually not that difficult. You simply need to treat your children the way God treats you. If the only thing you get right as parents is His grace, everything else will be just fine."

What an encouragement! What a great tool we have --- to parent with God's amazing grace in mind and to pass on that great legacy to our children.

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  1. i'm reading the book through your blog - thanks! :) no time to read another book at the moment...