Friday, March 2, 2012


On Fridays {maybe not every Friday... we'll see how this goes}, I link up with a whole community of Five Minute Friday posts. Today's word for Five Minute Friday is: ACHE.

Last summer, our family went on a missions immersion trip to the Philippines where we were confronted head-on with the harsh reality of poverty. We all came home changed... each one changed differently, yet all in a good way.

I came home with an ache... a heart-ache, a heart broken... for the things that break God's heart.

My heart aches for those in the Third World suffering from extreme poverty. Yet as time passed, I found my heart aching even more for those living right here in North America who suffer from spiritual poverty... so many are apathetic, lost in affluence, numbed by entitlement, blind to the needs of the marginalized, unwilling to leave comforts behind, ignoring Jesus' commands to follow.

Where are the Christ-followers?
Where are the ones gung-ho for Jesus?
Where is the compassion?

Yet I still dare to hope... because "the faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning."

This song has been an encouragement... especially in times when I feel discouraged and just want to "throw in the towel", to give up hoping for change... it is a fresh reminder that as long as I am seeking His face, I'll walk in the power of His daily sufficient grace.

{Please pause the Playlist on the sidebar of this blog as you watch this video.}

On a related note {on the topic of daring to still hope}, a group of Compassion Advocates are reading through the book Hope Lives during these weeks leading up to Easter.

Join us?
Here's a reflection on Week One: The Poverty of the Heart to start you off. Come join us... I promise it will be a journey you won't regret taking, a journey of restoration. 

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  1. Bless your heart of compassion! It is right for our hearts to ache for the Kingdom. I am also so grateful you shared the video. Powerful! Love Laura Story!

    1. Thanks for dropping by today, Julie... and thank you for your words of encouragement. :-)

  2. Thank you so much for "the fresh reminder that as long as I am seeking His face, I'll walk in the power of His daily sufficient grace." I've heard more than one say today that they are seeking Him. As long as we all do that, eventually we will be where we need to be.