Friday, February 3, 2012


On Fridays {maybe not every Friday... we'll see how this goes}, I've decided to link up with a whole community of Five Minute Friday posts. Today's word for Five Minute Friday is: REAL.

From the book The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne... this is what it means to be a real Christ-follower and this took me five minutes {maybe less} to type out:
What is, therefore, our task today? Shall I answer: "Faith, hope, and love"? That sounds beautiful. But I would say - courage. No, even that is not challenging enough to be the whole truth. Our task today is recklessness. For what we Christians lack is not psychology or literature... we lack a holy rage - the recklessness which comes from the knowledge of God and humanity. The ability to rage when justice lies prostrate on the streets, and when the lie rages across the face of the earth... a holy anger about the things that are wrong in the world. To rage against the ravaging of God's earth, and the destruction of God's world. To rage when little children must die of hunger, when the tables of the rich are sagging with food. To rage at the senseless killing of so many, and against the madness of militaries. To rage at the lie that calls the threat of death and the strategy of destruction peace. To rage against complacency. To restlessly seek that recklessness that will challenge and seek to change human history until it conforms to the norms of the Kingdom of God. And remember the signs of the Christian Church have been the Lion, the Lamb, the Dove, and the Fish... but never the chameleon.
~ Kaj Munk, January 1944 (as printed in The Irresistible Revolution, pages 294-295).
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  1. Love it. I like reading the Five Minute Fridays!


  2. Wow this was awesome! I like where the author said this: "remember the signs of the Christian Church have been the Lion, the Lamb, the Dove, and the Fish... but never the chameleon."

    So true!