Friday, September 25, 2009

Changes ---> Growth?

As the Fall season arrives and the leaves start to change colours right before my eyes, I reflect upon the many changes in my life this Fall. There are quite a few... most of which I find myself outside my comfort zone... most of which are God-ordained (not my choice!)... most of which, I suspect, is God's way of growing me!

At the top of the list... Ladies' Bible Study. This Fall, I am no longer going to be a part of the group that I've been meeting with weekly for the past three years. I am going to miss the ladies terribly, more than words can even express. This group has been my comfort zone --- we've come to know each other so intimately that we are able to express/share anything and eveything without fear of what others might think. But, God is taking me out of this comfort zone --- to lead a brand-new group of ladies in Bible study. I am terrified of this new responsibility, to say the least. But I know that God will grow me through this new journey... and, it will be awesome!

Next on the list... Destination Imagination. My kids and I have been involved with this for the past two school years and we have a lot of fun. This year, we have decided not to do it. In its place? Monday night outreach in our community in the form of a drop-in sports programme (a partnership between our school and our church). This is new for us; we've never done anything like it before --- definitely out of our comfort zone!!! One thing that God has clearly impressed upon our hearts --- with Destination Imagination, we were gaining something for ourselves; with Monday night outreach, we will be giving ourselves away. Again, I know that He is going to grow our family (hubby will be a part of this as well) through this experience... and, it will be awesome!

Another change... Prayer Group. I have been a part of a prayer group for over 6 years now. We gather every Friday morning to pray for our school. This year, I am unable to attend these meetings (maybe just sporadically, at best) because of my work schedule. Over the years, I have come to rely on this group to pray for my children's wellbeing at school... this year, I will have to do that on my own! Again, like the above changes, this change will no doubt be a growing experience for me as well.

Yet another change... church format on Sunday mornings. This Fall, we are launching into a series of community outreach events. Worship services will only happen twice each month. The rest of the time will be off-site or on-site community events. This is totally new for me; something I've never done before in the context of Sunday morning church! I am excited about this change... it will definitely be an impact to the community around us. And, you guessed it --- something that will be a growing experience for myself and, I suspect, for many in our church as well.

So as I welcome the Fall season, I am trusting my Heavenly Father to lead me through all these changes that He has orchestrated for this season in my life. With change, comes growth. May all glory be to my God alone!!!

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