Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back To School

So, my kids have settled into the back-to-school routine quite nicely. My daughter is now in Grade 7 (I can't believe it!) and my son is in Grade 4. They both got great teachers this year and each has some old friends in the same class --- so all is well!

This is a transition year for both kids --- my daughter have become an intermediate student and my son is now a junior. We are evaluating which extra curricular activties they should be involved in this year. The choices are many... and in light of what I've been thinking about lately, we must choose wisely.

One thing we are definitely excited about is a new partnership that is happening this year between my kids' school and our church! We will be involved in this outreach opportunity as a family. It is definitely one of the ways we can be "on mission" as a family unit.

Now that the kids are back to school, I am back to my normal work-from-home routine. The thing is --- it is so quiet here at home during the day --- I miss my kids!!!

Speaking of them... they are walking in the door now!

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