Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Pilgrim's Progress

We watched The Pilgrim's Progress (on DVD) at church starting last week and finished it today. It is a modern movie made from the book of the same title, which is written by John Bunyan way back in the 1600s. The movie ended with a statement and a question and it is... "The journey to heaven. Are you on the right path?"

When I was a little girl, I heard this story for the first time as my mom narrated it to us. It was a powerful story then; but the movie made it literally come alive for me! It is a thought-provoking story; it made me examine my own journey to heaven; it reminded me that spiritual warfare is very much real; it made me resolve to stay on the right path and to make sure my children understand what it means to stay on the right path! It's definitely good to be reminded of these things once in a while! :-)

This movie is part of our pastor's teaching series on spiritual warfare. Today, he spoke about sin. Sin not only being the roadblock between us and God; but also hindering us from seeing and doing God's will in our lives --- God's good and perfect will.

He talked about the need to examine ourselves time and time again; making sure we are "on the right path". I kind of compared this on-the-right-path life to a stock market graph that is on the rise; there are daily ups and downs, but on the whole it is on the upward swing. So it is with our journey to heaven... we are but pilgrims on this earth. As long as we are on the upward swing... striving to be more and more like Jesus each day... then we are on the right path! Then one day, at our destination, we will hear that proclamation: "Well done, good and faithful servant!"

Wow! What a glorious thought! I can't even imagine...

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